Mission Update

dominican 006I talked to the missionaries today. Actually, I called Danelle’s cell phone and she said she, Rev. Ries, Rev. Krey and Dr. Martinez were all together in a “marathon meeting” today. They were still going strong at 4pm in the afternoon!

Tuesdays on the mission field are planning days. Every Tuesday the mission staff meet together to study God’s Word and plan the work of the mission field. This morning they started with a 1 hour bible study. Then they went over activities for the month and followed up on projects. They took a break and had KFC for lunch (it’s close to the mission office so they just walk around the block to the KFC).

Today the missionaries have been working all day drafting the bylaws for the non-profit organization that will be formed in the Dominican. The non-profit organization will be established as an entity, separate from the church, for the purpose of establishing group homes for people with developmental disabilities. The non-profit organization will be able to receive both government and private dollars that will go towards the building of group homes and the services provided to residents. The group homes are envisioned to exist alongside of the Lutheran congregations that are emerging in the field. In time, God willing, the government will bless this work and allow some of the children, currently cared for by the government in large institutional settings, to be able to move into a group home. At the group home the disabled people will be provided more personal care within a family/community setting and included in the full life of the church and shared the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

This bylaw work is hard stuff for the missionaries because of the detail, difficult planning for the future, and because missionaries are PEOPLE persons. They like being out with people and forming relationships, saying hi to friends, teaching others about Jesus, sharing the Gospel message, and encouraging others. And Danelle was doing on this work today with the beginnings of a cold!

Next Tuesday the missionaries will be discussing the budget for the FY10-11. I’m sure that will be another long meeting day too. Probably not too different than the way you spend your work days. So I’m reminded of a verse in Proverbs: “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established” (Proverbs 16:9). We are encouraged to commit our work to the Lord and, in faith, surrender our work to God for his will to be done. It makes me so much for confident, assured I’m on the right track and it just makes”Tuesdays” feel less overwhelming.


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