Reaching out through baseball

Teams line up for a favorite pastime!

Teams line up for a favorite pastime!

“Dominicans have a real passion for baseball. Baseball fields, or ‘plays’ as the are called here, are in every community, and it is a common occurrence to see a fully dressed baseball player walking down the street, a pickup truck loaded down with a young boys’ baseball team, and children playing baseball in the streets, often with little wooden sticks as bats and with water caps as balls. It is the dream of many young boys to make it to the Major Leagues and becoming rich and famous. School studies are frequently left to one side so that they might single-mindedly pursue this dream, and though there are those who do sign contracts, many don’t realize this dream, which leaves many young men poor and without any vocation.

“Recently, in the community of Palmar Arriba, a new playing field was built by Jose Reyes, a native of Palmar who now plays for the New York Mets. Jose’s father was there, along with officials from the community and four baseball teams, to officially open the grounds on June 30. It was a very formal affair and a big moment for the community. We were also invited to be present for the occasion.

“Over the past three months, Cacao, the baseball manager in Palmar, has invited us to come, twice a week, to share God’s words with the baseball players in the baseball camps – an open door to 50-60 young men each week. The young men play ball for three hours every morning. Often, there are all-day weekend tournaments. Two weeks ago Pastor Ries gave the Wednesday morning talk and another manager was visiting. He invited us to come and give devotions at his baseball training camp as well. God’s Word is at work, and some of these players and trainers have also come to our worship services on Wednesday nights in the community. Two of them are in confirmation classes. Please keep these young men in your prayers!”

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4 responses to “Reaching out through baseball

  1. I really enjoyed reading your article, keep up writing such interesting posts.

    • lcmswrhcsmo

      Thanks for the encouragement! It is really nice to see that the work being done in the Dominican Republic is reaching folks!

  2. Very interesting story.
    For more on the history of baseball and its players at:

    Baseball Season starts here in the US this Sunday .
    Batter up!

    • lcmswrhcsmo

      Great link and blog. I’m a history buff and I really enjoy reading about the links that connect us all to one another.

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