Venezuelans Support Mission Work

Venezuela PictureIn September, we were blessed with company of some friends from Venezuela.  First, in the beginning of September, our dear friend Olga Cortes came to stay with us.  With her expertise as an administrator for the church in Venezuela for over 15 years, she spent the week working in our Santiago office organizing, redecorating and teaching our administrator, Kissayris, about the joys of serving the Lord in this capacity. 

Later in the month, the Mania family – Francisco, Sandra and their two children – came for a visit.  Also from Venezuela, they have a real love for Gospel outreach and with the Lord’s leading have started three mission in their hometown.  The first one they began in their home three years ago and since then they have donated their home to become the church.  Today this “home-church” is served by two vicars and the Pastor of their home congreagation.

Sandra led a workshop for our young Sunday School teachers on good pedagogy and the importance of teaching the Word to children.  She also led two Sunday School programs and gave a talk to our youth group on Temptation that was attended by more than 30 youth.

Francisco gave a Christ-centered talk to our vicars on stewardship and spoke of the importance of Christ being the Father’s steward and having used that which He has for the good of all humanity.  Francisco also met with our mission team and gave us our weekly morning Bible study, followed by a lively discussion on mission work.

We praise God for these His faithful servants and their time here in which they encouraged us and we pray that God would bless them, too as they serve in Venezuela.

Written by Pastor Ted Krey.  Pastor Krey is currently the pastor of the Evangelical Church of the Dominican Republic!


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