Projects and Prayer Lists

PrayerWe get frequent updates from the missionaries in the Dominican Republic, not just as a status update on their current projects (which are numerous) but also to help us know where their needs are so that we can lift them up in prayer. 

In Palmar Arriba, there is a lot of activity.  There are Confirmation classes, baptisms, evangelism visits, women’s groups and youth activities.  This is just what you would expect with any church activities.  When you look at how many people are involved with making this happen, however, you realize what truly monumental tasks these things are.  We are praying that there will be leaders raised up to assist the missionaries in these tasks.  Please pray for them as well, and pray that God would continue to open doors and provide His support to them.

In addition to their work in Palmar Arriba, our missionaries have a full schedule with the work going on in Santiago.  There are the studies and worship classes at the Genesis school, Basic Doctrine classes, Bible Studies at the Lutheran Center, Friends of Jesus clubs and the formation of new groups.  Please pray for these projects as well as for the orphaned children in Santiago.  Pray for those that are unsure about making a committment to church and are being led astray.  Keep Emmanuel in your prayers that money would be raised to pay for much needed human growth hormone treatments.

Last but not least, please keep the missionaries work in La Vega – Cutupu and Santo Dominigo in your prayers and join us in giving thanks for the work that has been accomplished, the doors that continue to open and the lives that are consistently being changed by the work of the missionaries in the Dominican Republic!

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