Call for your prayers today!

We have a prayer request for you all!

On Tuesday, December 1, the missionaries have a meeting with Mrs. Kirsys Fernandez who is the executive director of the National Council for Children and Adolescents (CONANI). They will present a project to form a pilot group home for people with developmental disabilities. The group homes will be located alongside our congregations so that members can receive Christian care and be integrated into the Family of Christ.

Please pray that:
Mrs. Fernandez will be open to supporting the group home project by:
-providing supervision through her government agency,
-giving support in materials and services (diapers, food, medication, physical therapy, medical care),
-being willing to allow 1 or 2 children from the CONANI institutional orphanages to live in a group home.

A partner agency, IMPACT (of which Bethesda Lutheran Communities is a member), will be presenting two projects:
1) a family reintegration project which will help reunite children in the CONANI orphanage with their family. The project will give orientation and training to the family.
2) a staff training program for CONANI personnel that work as direct care givers in the CONANI orphanages. Through this program we hope to better the care given in CONANI and better the quality of life of the children in the orphanage. Dr. Marisol Martinez, who has come to work for our church as the director of the group homes will lead the training, which will also include Spiritual Life formation for the staff.

Pray that this may be an opportunity to demonstrate that there are better alternatives than institutional care for people with developmental disability and that the government in the future will consider group homes as an alternative.

Pray that we can communicate God’s love in Christ Jesus for people with developmental disability and that they are God’s children who can be active participants in the family and community.

Thank you for your prayers! We will inform you on the progress of the projects!


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