Afternoon update from the Dominican

Danelle (L) and Dr. Marisol

I spoke with Danelle around lunch time and she was with her staff person, Dr. Marisol, and were watching the news. There is no communications out of Haiti unless you have a satellite phone. It is a chaotic situation, compounded by extremem poverty and lack of communication services. Danelle understood that a hospital in Haiti collapsed and of course the capitol building was demolished. The Dominican government is responding to the disaster today and seemed in control of the response effort. They were opening up the main highway from Santo Domingo into Haiti hopefully today so that aid can start being trucked in. The Dominican government sent a mobil hospital, 8 ambulances, 30 doctors and two trailers with medical supplies already this morning. The Dominican government is making the assessment of needs and right now are only letting in medical personnelt into Haiti. Danelle thought that in a few days the government would open up access to Haiti and have opportunities for individuals and groups to get in and assist. I will keep this blog updated as we learn anything more about Haiti – through the communications we have with the Dominican missionaries.

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