Update from the Dominican Republic

I have spoken to the missionaries frequently in the last couple days. Today things are busy and they are active making plans to help those suffering and hurting that have come into the Dominican. Rev. Krey emailed me earlier today saying “We are all ok, we had vespers last night together and prayer this morning and again at noon. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.”

This morning Rev. Krey updated us my email saying:
“Our hospitals in the Dominican Republic are overflowing. Some country hospitals that have 25 people are at 200/250 Haitians brought across the border. Our hospitals up to Santo Domingo are now full of Haitians. Operations, mostly amputations are being carried out around the clock with only the most crudest forms of anesthesia available. Doctors and surgeons are absolutely exhausted. Relief is needed here.

It is clear that the national Hatian police and and army are incapacitated. The Haitan president is acknowledging President Leonol of the the Dominican Republic as something of a stand in during the crisis. The Marines arrived early this morning in Puert au Prince and they acknowledged that their first task is policing, second the distribution of water and foodstufs….thus far, there is calm in the capital although absolute chaos.”

I know the missionaries well and hear in their voices how much their hearts break for their brothers and sisters in Christ both within Dominican and in Haiti. This is a time for prayer. Pray that those making decisions have wisdom, those doing work have strength and those pleading for help receive aid.


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