Update from Danelle’s mother

Here is a note received from Danelle’s mother on Thursday (sorry this is late) but it gives you a good idea of what the missionaries have done this week.

Dear Family and friends,

I was able to reach Danelle on her cell phone this afternoon (Thursday) about 1:00 P.M. PST. What a blessing it was to talk to her and hear what God is doing through His people.

They drove on Tuesday from Santo Domingo to a Dominican town on the Haitian border named Jimani.  There is a large hospital and clinic there.  They are working with the hospital and clinic staff there.  She said it was a little disorganized at first but is working well now.  The rented 5 trucks and some other vehicle to bring in supplies and 8 Dominican doctors( including Dr Marisol Martinez, who is part of the Lutheran Dominican Mission team since October and is heading up the group home project),and nurses,(12 total Dominicans) and 10 Americans on an LCMS World Relief and Human Care  (maybe Lutheran in Medical Missions team, I’m not sure which) medical team.  Plus the Dominican Lutheran Missionary team.  She said there were also other volunteers at the hospital and clinic.  It took them 12 hours to drive from Santo Domingo to Jimani, a trip that normally takes 4-5 hours, because of all the trucks and vehicles on the road taking in relief supplies and personnel.  

Injured Haitians are being brought in by vehicle and helicopter to this hospital.  The worse cases are being helicopter onto hospitals in Santo Domingo and Santiago.  They are seeing the same injuries that are being reported in Port-a -Prince.  Many needing amputations, broken bones, head injuries, and so on.  

Danelle and the team were advanced your donations from LCMS World Relief and Human Care and it has been used for:

$1000 for water
$1000 for rice and beans
$1500 for IVs
rental of the trucks
other medical supplies

and food.  Danelle has been cooking for their crew of 25-30 on a camp stove (with gas tank) that they purchased.  Besides giving spiritual care, Pastors Krey and Ries go into the surrounding towns each day to buy food supplies for Danelle to cook and buy Dominican prepared food for the patients. (There are way too many patients for Danelle to cook on a camp stove for all of them).  I don’t know the number of patients they are seeing each day.  I will try to find this out and email it to you on Saturday eve, so that you can report it to others at your churches).

Danelle and Kisaryes (their mission secretary) are also visiting patients, organizing activities for the children, and checking on their team members (the doctors and nurses) to make sure they are doing OK and have the supplies they need.

On there way to the Domincan Republic either this afternoon or tomorrow are Rev. Matt. Harrison, head of LCMS World Relief and Human Care, and other LCMS officials.  So they will be bringing more funds to buy food, water and medical supplies.   (The DR received frequent rainfall, and food is more readily available than in Haiti, so I think they are going to be able to buy what they need in surrounds towns, and bring it in trucks from the city.

I said to Danelle, this is what you love doing, isn’t it?  And of course her reply was YES.  We are so thankful to the Lord that He can use her in this way to share His love and mercy with people who are so hurting and in need of Jesus’ love.

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti, for all those helping care for the injured, the thirsty and hungry, the homeless.  
Pray for safety and good health for those caring for the Haitians, so that the Lord can use them to help many.
Pray that God’s Word can be shared, to give comfort and hope.
Pray for the safe travel of Rev. Harrison and those traveling with him.
Pray that God will use us, His people, to provided the dollars and the man power to help as many people as possible.

Thank you so much to all of you for your prayers.

In Jesus’ love,
Terry and George Putnam

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