Music in the Dominican

Last month went I went to the Dominican, we had the opportunity to worship at the church in Palmar Arriba. It’s a beautiful building tucked away in this town about 30 minutes outside of Santiago. I was glad to see the service conducted with lots of music and loud singing. God had so wonderfully used a generous lady in California who made and sold quilts to raise money to buy musical instruments for the mission. With the funds that she raised 10 guitars, microphone stands, and an electronic keyboard was purchased. The missionaries have been giving music lessons to the congregation members and on the night we were there, three young men played their guitars and led the congregation in several songs of worship and praise to God. The picture doesn’t do it justice really. You would have to be there and see the three men vigorously strumming their guitars and singing with loud voices to really appreciate the difference one lady made in the Dominican Republic Lutheran mission. Check out the “Photos and Video” tab of this blog to watch and listen to a worship service. I was glad for the three men that they have discovered their talent and have found a way to use it to edify the worship service. Without the guitars, these men might never have gotten involved in enhancing the music of the church. Now the entire congregation is blessed by God, through these men, who lead the congregation in songs. Thank you Louise for your generosity and willingness to make a difference!


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  2. Maybe you should make changes to the blog subject title Music in the Dominican Faith in the Dominican Republic to something more generic for your content you write. I loved the blog post however.

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