If you build it. They will come.

This is the moment. Now is the time. Will you make a difference in the Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission?

The Sunday School program in Las Americas is overwhelmed with children and they meet weekly in a small garage at the home of Vicar Willy. A group of 35 children regularly attend Sunday School each week in a space equal to a two car garage. They do not have space for more children. Many people are interested in attending regular worship services and building the Sunday School program, but because of the limitations on space, the church can not grow.

Recently, we became aware of the availability of the property directly across the street from Vicar Willy’s home. It is a large piece of property that would accomodate a church building, future group home, meeting space, and growth of the church into the future.

I’m laying this in God’s hands. We can’t build a church until we have a piece of land to build it on. A beautiful, prime piece of real estate is available in Las Americas. The elected official intends to look good before the upcoming election and pave the road out in front of the property. When the road is paved the property cost will go up. We have to move quicky.

I would like to raise $20,000 to help with the purchase of the property. I know this is possible. All we need is 2000 people to give $10. Certainly, all together we must know 2,000 people who are willing to make a difference. With a $10 donation, a church will be born in Las Americas, children and adults will have space to gather and hear the word of God preached, sing praises to God, and study His word. Click here to Give Now

Eternal God, You desire that all people be baptized and saved from eternal death. I humbly ask you to remember in mercy and love all those in Las Americas who have never heard the way of salvation, and lead them to the knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ. Grant that the emerging church in Las Americas may reach many and bring them the sweet tidings of Your redeeming grace. Grant that, if it be Your will, the emerging church in Las Americas will be blessed with donors who support the purchase of the property on which to build a gathering place for Your word to be preached and Your praises to be given. Bless our efforts to raise the necessary funds to purchase this property and send Your Holy Spirit to open people’s hearts for this mission. I commend Your holy angels to surround and protect all our brothers and sisters in Las Americas, especially Willy and his wife, Santa, who have opened their home and garage to the community so that Your powerful Word can be shared. I ask this in the name of our blessed Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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