Holy Week in the Dominican

I spoke with Rev. Ted Krey this morning. He was on a short break while teaching a church history class. He shared the busy schedule for the upcoming Holy Week. They will of course have service on Sunday in Palmar Arriba for Palm Sunday. But they also plan on have their regular Wed. night service in Palmar Arriba and will have:
-Maunday Thursday service in Palmar Arriba and Santiago
-Good Friday service in Palmar Arriba and Santiago
-Easter Sunday service in Palmar Arriba, Santiago, Cutupu and
Las Americas.
Wow! So many people will be praising God and singing Alleluias!
And they do sing loud! Check out one of the worship videos on the photo/video page on this blog.

The missionaries will have Monday off and plan to enjoy a casual BBQ at home together.

Then on Tuesday following Holy Week they begin Vacation Bible School (VBS) in Palmar Arriba. They will have VBS on Tues., Wed. Thurs. after Easter Sunday. Last year they had 100 children attend VBS. They never know quite how many to expect until the first day but hope that they have at least that many. We pray that their VBS is overflowing with kids and that the missionaries are blessed with sustained strength and energy to celebrate Holy Week and lead the children to learn about Jesus. I’ll update you more about how the VBS went.

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  1. Good evening, Happy Easter 2010!!

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