So much to praise God for!

The month of May was such a busy month for our missionaries in the Dominican Republic. We prayed hard for God to help us afford land in Las Americas and he provided. Thanks to a generous donation from a couple back in the states, the land was purchased and dedicated to the Glory of God!

Another exciting development is the momentum picking up behind our Good Shepherd Lutheran Homes and Amigos de Jesus clubs.
Our newly organized foundation, Good Shepherd Lutheran homes, is coming to be a reality! At the end of April, the missionaires held their first Board of Directors Meeting in Santiago. It was exciting to come together for the first time as they mercifully seek to help marginalized people with disabilities come to know and trust our Lord Jesus Christ and be forgiven by him.
On May 8th, the first meeting of the Amigo de Jesus club in Palmar Arriba took place. Like the other Amigo de Jesus club that meets in Licey, this group is meant to reach out to children and youth with disabilities, and their families, through Bible studies and activities in the community. The first meeting was attend by 8 children and their parents and almost too many helpers! Songs, a Bible story, crafts and games were enjoyed by all, and plans were made to meet again next month. Praise God for such a great start for this new group, and the wonderful involvement of the youth and adults from the church in Palmar Arriba who embraced this mercy ministy in their community. Lord willing, this group will be the start up of our first group home this October, which is to be located in Palmar Arriba.

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