News in Palmar Arriba, Las Americas, and Santo Domingo

By Pastor Walter Ries Jr. (ELDR Missionary)

Palmar Arriba

The mission in Palmar Arriba continues to grow, by the grace of God.  On Wednesday, September 22nd, 2 confirmations and 2 baptisms were celebrated.  One of those baptized was Orlin Junior, a young, 2 year old boy with Downs Syndrome.  In the Photo from left to right, Pastor Ted Krey, Ingrid (confirmed), Mirta (baptized and confirmed), Orlin Junior with his mom, and Pastor Walter Ries, Jr.

We continue to give devotions every Wednesday morning to our 50 baseball players who have studies the Small Catechism and are currently teaching them the liturgy of the divine service.

Las Americas and Santo Domingo

New confirmation classes in Las Americas have begun with 15 adults.  Lord-willing, in the New Year, we hope to build a sanctuary on the property that was purchased in May.  Vicar Gaspar continues to work here and in Haiti helping to build homes on behalf of LCMS World Relief and Human Care.  Pray for him in his many travels as he works to build homes and establish four health clinics, and that the Lord’s work would flourish amongst our Lutheran household of faith.

Recently, Josef de la Cruz, who has been studying with Vicar Willy Gaspar, began a new Sunday school near his business in Santo Domingo.  Pray for this new work.  We are encouraged that Josef has found time after opening two separate businesses to again begin work on behalf of the Lord’s kingdom.  Please pray for Josef that he would continue to be encouraged and that we would be able to support him!

Prayer Requests

  • For the newly confirmed members of the mission in Las Americas
  • For our continued conversations with the government, that we may reach a final agreement to open the group home this month.
  • For Kissayris, in her first year serving as principal in Palmar Arriba.
  • For our schools that Christ would be taught and His forgiveness be foremost in the lives of those whom we serve.
  • For the Amigos de Jesus clubs in Palmar Arriba and Licey
  • For our new volunteer couple Brian and Jeanette Keller who are raising their support so as to work with us in building churches and a home in the new year.
  • For a music volunteer to be found to assist us in training musicians for the church.
  • For the CPH containers from VBS offerings that are to be shipped to the Dominican Republic.
  • For the upcoming birth of the Krey’s second child.
  • For the health and strength of all the Dominican Mission Team


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2 responses to “News in Palmar Arriba, Las Americas, and Santo Domingo

  1. Pedro

    Blessings brother, I am delighted they are growing here in my país.Mi name is Pedro Lara, I’m Christian, I have 23 years, I am a Christian from 12.Actualmente not attend any church and I would belong to his congregation at Las Americas because I have near my casa.En the month of July 2010 I contacted the Ducks Alex Torres, agreed to meet to begin studying its doctrine and belong to his church but I could not because I quueda very remote place where he is directing and inn was very busy with trabajo.Luego lost my phone number from him.

    Las Americas is closest to my house, so I started to visit.

    I am a student of theology, Greek and Hebrew, History Cristianismo.Si also believe I can I help you may have misión.Ya conmigo.Me like I’ve studied some of their doctrine, but I want to do more formal.


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