A new addition to the Krey family!

Recently, we received the following letter from Rev. Ted Krey:

Dearest family, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ,

We thank our Heavenly Father for His tender mercies upon this day as we announce with the deepest joy and thankfulness the birth of little Matthias Paul Theodore Krey.  He weighed in at 7 lbs and 5 ounces with a little bit of hair.  He is named after both grandfathers.  He was born at 10:45 in the evening of November 21, 2010 after 49 hours of labor.  We are so thankful that mother and child are fine after a natural birth and praise God that the prayers of the righteous avail much.

Rebecca noticeably became stronger as the days wore on and that evening became noticeably stronger after receiving the Lords Supper and her attitude was one of faith and patience.  We thank you in Jesus Name for your prayers, your love, your messages and your encouragement from Venezuela, Argentinian, the Dominican Republic, USA and Canada.

Please pray for his upcoming baptism this Wednesday in our regularly scheduled divine service that his sins would be forgiven and he would be received as a precious child of the heavenly father.

We are humbled and thankful and happy, oh so happy!

With much love,

Ted, Rebecca, Esther and Matthias

Missionary Pastor Ted Krey (LCMS-LCC)

Please join us in keeping Pastor Krey, his wife Rebecca, and his two children Esther and Matthias in your thoughts and prayers.  We will pass along any well wishes and posts to Pastor Krey!



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2 responses to “A new addition to the Krey family!

  1. ester

    best wishes to the krey-family from north germany. i just found out that i have a name sister. god bless her and her family too.

    • lcmswrhcsmo

      Thanks for the prayers for the Krey family. It’s so neat to find another person so many miles away with the same name.

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