Project Genesis Update

Hat Tip to Larry Ryan – Director of Missions at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Florida

A new seminary was established outside Santo Domingo which will serve all of the Caribbean, Latin America and Northern South America.  Classes for students will begin in February.  Pastor Krey, Pastor Ries, as well as other professors from the Buenos Aires Concordia Lutheran Seminary will teach classes on a rotating basis.  There will also be internet courses available.

The children at the Concordia Lutheran School are learning a new commandment each week, The Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed as well as hymns.  Kissayris Gebhard, the principal of the school is doing a wonderful job and according to Larry Ryan, “This school will someday become a model for the Carribean and all of South America.”

St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Florida shipped six boxes of gifts to each of the schools, which arrived safely.  In December, Larry Ryan of St. Michael’s will be traveling to the Dominican Republic with six others for the annual Christmas visit.

Thanks again to Larry Ryan for sharing his newsletter and may God bless his travels.


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