Good Shepherd Lutheran Homes – by Danelle Putnam

We continue to work hard towards the opening of our group home.  We are pleased that the government has sat down with us and agreed to give us six orphans.  This conversation with the government is not yet definitive and so we do continue to ask for your prayers and that the right doors would be opened to us.  We give thanks also for the home itself which is nearing completion due to the many volunteers and their hard work in assisting us in readying the home.

La Concordia – School Update – by Vicar Adrian Solis

We are excited to report that we have continued to work hard to better our physical plant.  Thanks to Saint Michael Lutheran Church in Fort Myers, now we finally have running water on a consistent basis, and an invertor with batteries installed which permits us to have electricity at night as well.  A big backhoe also leveled our school-yard permitting us to be one step closer in having a recreational area for the children to play.  Lord-willing, we will begin our vocational school for adults in the new year.  The first class will be in computers, hopefully followed by cooking/baking and an auto-mechanic class.  We give thanks for the visit of Carole and Gene Prime.  Carole helped us with our curriculum and Gene with the electricity in our school building.  The students continue their daily devotions and have learned some Christmas hymns such as ‘Silent Night’ and ‘O Come All Ye Faithful” in preparation for their Christmas pageant which will be December 15th.

Cholera Update – Haiti – by Pastor Walther Ries Jr.

Our own Vicar Willy Gaspar has been working in Haiti for almost three months in conjunction with LCMS-World Relief and Human Care.  Most recently, he has brought to our attention the dire need for medicines and water filters to combat cholera that has broken out particularly in the countryside.  We have been busy experimenting with different water filters here in the Dominican and finding transportation to ship goods and medicines across the Dominican border.  We pray for Willy’s continued safety and pray for all the sick and dying.


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