An Early Christmas Present

By Danelle Putnam

Tuesday, December 14th was a landmark day for the Group Home in Palmar Arriba, as 6 orphans made their first visit to their new home!  Yes, Praise God, an agreement has finally been made between Good Shepherd Lutheran Homes and the Dominican government – CONANI – for the “custodianship” of 6 orphans with developmental disabilities into our pilot group home project.  The 6 selected youth will slowly make the transition to living full time at their new home in Palmar Arriba over the next 6 weeks.  Please keep them and their new “aunts and uncles” (caretakers) in your prayers over this time of adjustment.

After three years of planning and working on this project, we are grateful to the Lord, who has heard our prayers, and now we celebrate this early Christmas present.  Please continue to pray for us and that our new residents would see their new house become a “home.”  Two of these orphans have the last name “Conani,” which is actually the name of the institution in which they lived.  These orphans come to use without having had a place to call their own, something most of us do not understand, but Christ does, as he entered the world without a home, and made his first bed in a manger.

We would like to thank all who, in last month’s prayers, have been praying for us and the opening of the Group Home, and we would ask this month, that those prayers would be returned to the Lord as payers of thanksgiving!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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