Five Years of Ministry Celebrated with Five Special Celebrations and Projects

By Pastor Walter Ries, Jr.

It seems hard to believe, but, by God’s grace, we are celebrating 5 years of ministry in the Dominican republic.  Lord-willing, we hope to begin our celebrations this year with the ordination of Vicar Willy Gaspar on March 12th in Las Americas.  In the same divine service we will sign a protocol document with the Argentinian seminary, committing us to establishing our very own independent seminary by 2017 for the training of pastors, deacons and deaconesses.  the day after, Monday, March 13th, will be the inauguration of our group home in Palmar Arriba, as we thank God for the opening of many doors for the completion of this project, and for the privilege we have to care for these 6 orphans, His children.  Other celebrations would be the dedication of a sanctuary in Las Americas, which is yet to be built, and, in August, the celebration of five years of Ministry in Palmar Arriba.  Finally, we conclude our anniversary year of celebrations with a joining service on Reformation Sunday.

Our anniversary projects include, building our first sanctuary in Las Americas, building a second group home, buying property for our mission in Santiago and buying property for our church/seminary in Licey.  Give thanks together with us for our Lord Jesus from whom all blessings do flow!


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