Concordia School Update

By Danelle Putnam

In December our school children gave a wonderful presentation of the Christmas story during the divine service.  In reality, the simply sang some Christmas hymns by memory and had memorized Bible verses of prophecies and fulfillment.  Four short homilies were given such as ‘Jesus as Man’ and another, ‘Jesus your Savior’.  A silent nativity accompanies the Bible readings and recitations in the Divine Service.  More that 220 parents and members of the community packed the church and the stairway leading up to our sanctuary.  It was a full house from the top to the bottom and many were peering in from the side windows of the sanctuary.  we give thanks to our Heavenly Father for Jesus Christ amongst us through His Word and precious Sacraments, and as this child who was really born in Bethlehem.

In January, the students’ schedules were altered with the addition of new classes in art and music.  Also, with the hiring of a new teacher, computer classes are now taking place.  Plans are also underway to set u a library and to encourage reading skills.  This month, we have begun preparing Bible verses and learning Easter hymns for a special Easter presentation this spring.


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