Easter Baptisms – Pastor Walter Ries Jr.

On Easter Sunday, we all rejoiced as our six children in the Good Shepherd Lutheran group home – Randi, Junior, Moises, Francis, Ramona and Estefani – became heirs of our Heavenly Father through the waters of Holy Baptism! The evening before, Pastor Ted Krey visited their home, and explained to the children how water would be placed on their heads three times, as the Pastor would say the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. They heard how they would be marked as God’s forgiven children and how God was their heavenly Father who loved and cared for them so much. Even though they might not have a mother or father here in this world, they had a Father who had created them, and who wanted to have His name put on them, and who wanted them to have salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, their Big Brother, and life everlasting.

On Sunday morning, the whole congregation in Palmar Arriba rose for the baptisms, everyone participating as the god-parents for “our childen”, promising, with God’s help, to continue to care for the spiritual life of these dear children that God has entrusted to us. What a beautiful example for all of us to see that God’s gift of forgiveness and life is for ALL, and is freely given, not for anything that we have done or for any of our best intentions. It is His gift, His grace and mercy shared with us.

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