Prayer Requests

– For Brian and Jeanette Keller as they continue to lead the construction of our church and for the third team of volunteers that is currently here from Wisconsin.
– For our 40 catechumenates preparing for Pentecost, in confirming their faith.
– For the Group Home and the children living there – Junior, Moises, Francis, Randi, Estefani, and Ramona. We thank God for the recent celebration of their baptisms on April 24th, Easter Sunday.
– For the mission in Santiago as it begins to meet in a new locale.
– For the newly operating breakfast program at Concordia School in Palmar Arriba, that it may be a blessing for the children and their studies.
– For Luis, Yban, Manuel, Pedro and John as they begin to study online with the Argentinian Seminary to become pastors, and also Mirta, Juliana, and Danelle as they begin deaconess courses.
– For all missionaries serving in Latin America, especially the Eisold and Wall families as they transition to life in Peru and the Neuendorfs as they move to the Dominican Republic.
– For LCMS World Relief and Human Care Staff and Haitian Lutheran church as they together show mercy to those in need.


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