Hogares Luteranos el Buen Pastor Profile – Randy

Randy is a young teen. Randy has really come out of his shell since arriving at the group home. Randy has autism, so he naturally shies away from people, large groups, and loud noises. But once Randy gets to know someone, he is comfortable and feels secure. Randy can speak. At first it seems like he just repeated what other people said, but little by little we are seeing that he is processing more and can be engaged in conversation. Randy loves playing with the neighbor children. He has several friends that he has even given nick names to. He has proven to be very social in this sense, which is not a typical characteristic of his disability. Randy will be able to learn to read and write. we have been taking him to school just to visit and get used to the building, the people, and the children. Randy will be included at Concordia Lutheran School this fall. Randy very often jumps in and helps with chores and other activities and says, “Muy bien!” or “Very Good/Good Job!” as he helps.

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