Hogares Luteranos el Buen Pastor Profile – Moises

Moises is the youngest of the 6 children (about 7 or 8 years old) and the child who has changed the most since arriving to the group home. Moises arrived in diapers, medicated, and could not feed himself nor drink by himself. Moises has cerebral palsy, which has directly affected his walking and speech. He walks with a rough gait. He also has cognitive limitations. He is one of the most determined children, not letting his disability stop him. The first time we took him to the baseball field to play, he ran the length of the outfield wall back and forth at least 5 times and has done so many other times since! He literally looks like a horse running in the wild – FREEDOM! He basically potty-trained himself every time he heard the timer. After a week, he did not use diapers anymore. He is also off medication. Moises can also eat by himself now and drinks from a tippy cup. He loves to eat and loves food, so now we just have to slow him down! Moises receives physical therapy and speech therapy. His motor skills and concentration have improved greatly. We have been working with him to prepare him to be included at Concordia Lutheran School in the fall.


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