New School Year in Palmar Arriba

By Pastor Ted Krey – It’s back to school time once again! On August 18th, our school year opened with 124 students. This is an increase of 40 students over the past year. As you may know, the school continues to be subsidized through the scholarship program that Saint Michael Lutheran Church in Fort Myers, Florida has continued to faithfully support. Our goal of reaching 20% of our own support was met last year, and this year we are seeking to raise 40% of our overall costs. Funding continues to be a challenge as we are in a poor village and offering services such as computer classes, art, gym, French, English and music which are not found in most city schools requires extra staff.

An internet cafe is being established in an effort to generate more funds for the school and permit us to continue to offer an excellent education over the long-term. We are thankful for our school principal, Miss Kissayris Gebhard, for her dedication and strong leadership in forming a staff of 10 people who work hard to make our school a place, not only for a secular education, but also for learning of our Lord.

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