Sponsorship Program for the Children of Good Shepherd Lutheran Home

 By Danelle Putnam – What beautiful faces! These are the children living in our group! All of them have grown and changed so much since they came to live in the group home 9 months ago. Living as a family with Christian caregivers, actively participating in a community, and becoming part of the Body of Christ, has been life changing for these 6 children. We would love to give you the opportunity to get to know them better and help them continue to grow and prosper in their new life.

HLBP is launching a child sponsorship program to be able to support the long-term care of the orphans in our care. Since there is no government assistance for people with developmental disability other than institutional care, we receive no money from the Dominican government. Sponsoring a child will help to provide food, education, therapy, clothing, medical needs, Christian care, and the expansion of future group homes.

For $35 a month or $420 per year, you can help support a child in the group home and become part of their family. For more information and to sponsor a child, please contact Special Children Inc., or you may click on the link at the end of this post, print it out at home and mail it to:

Special Children Inc.
15285 Watertown Plank Road #3
Elm Grove, WI 53122

Or go to http://www.specialchildreninc.com
e-mail: spchild@sbcglobal.net
Tel: 262-821-2125

Please note that HLBP has been blessed to have the assistance of “Special Children, Inc” in the development management of the sponsor program. Special Children, Inc. is an adoption agency and is a global advocate of orphans. We are very thankful that Special Children, Inc. is receiving monthly sponsors for our orphans and general donations. All sponsorships are tax deductible and sent in full to Hogares Lutheranos el Buen Pastor.
GSLH Sponsorship Form


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