November News

 In Palmar Arriba, all of the children always come to Divine Service Wednesday evenings. Francis always likes to greet the two pastors before the service with a hug. As is their custom, they folded their hands before the service and Francis who is profoundly deaf did too. To our great surprise, when Pastor Ries said, “Amen”, Francis did too! He is learning to lip read and sign and his desire to communicate is obvious. What a privilege it is to see this young boy begin to emerge as one who will be able to both receive and give through his daily studies at his deaf school! We are thrilled to see him grow and thankful that our aunts and uncles, Danelle, and Pastor Ries are all learning how to sign so as to open a whole new world to this wonderful young man!


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4 responses to “November News

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    • lcmswrhcsmo

      Thanks for the feedback. WordPress really meets our needs right now but hopefully as this blog grows we will have to look at our options to expand.

  2. Highly energetic post, I loved that a lot. Will there be a second part to this?

    • lcmswrhcsmo

      Absolutely, we are hoping to have many more follow ups as these children learn and grow in their new environment. These children have come so far in so little time and it is truly a blessing and priviledge to be able to share that on our blog. I’m so glad that you liked it.

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