Introducing Estefani

A sweet smile and pleasant nature are just a few of Estefani’s appealing qualities. Each day, Estefani grows in wisdom and understanding. Estefani has positioned herself as the big sister in the home and she visualizes herself as a valuable member of socieity that can give and receive love.

Estefani is making friends, both at the home and at Concordia Lutheran School, where she has learned how to write her name and is learning how to read. She faithfully does her homework with the help of aunts and uncles. She knows the Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer that she learned at school.

Her mobility was limited to a wheelchair due to paralysis on her right side, but through daily therapy, she is learning how to walk, taking one step at a time with a walker. Estefani had trouble speaking clearly due to the partial paralysis but again, through daily speech therapy, she is able to communicate more clearly. She loves to announce the arrival of guests to the group home, and as one of two children that are verbal in the home, she leads the children in prayer before each meal. Estefani is also learning sign language so that she can help communicate with Francis. Her accomplishments in just a few short months are impressive!

Along with the other children in teh group home, Estefani was baptized on Easter Sunday and now all the members of the church are her Godparents. The small church community in Palmar Arriba assumed the responsibility for the physical and spiritual well-being of each of the children in the group home. Estefani now knows the security and love of being part of a family and she now knows how much Jesus loves her. She has a promising future!


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