Haiti – 2 years after the Earthquake

Pastor Walter Ries, Jr.

Haiti still has 800,000 people living in tarps. Some 80% of its public buildings lie in ruins. As we passed by the Presidential Palace, just two years to the day of the earthquake, it remains in ruins and people living in tarps all around. we continued 30 minutes south of Port-au-Prince, to Leogane, which was the epicenter of the earthquake that killed 300,000 and left millions homeless. we gathered here now for a more joyous occasion, to dedicate buildings for the us of the Lutheran Church in Haiti. Eight months after the earthquake took place, project manager Pastor Willy Gaspar – supported by LCMS World Relief and Human Care, and his Dominican Lutheran Church – began construction work to establish three clinics, 30 homes, a church, and a seminary. At the dedication of the seminary, Director Rev. Bernard stated, “We are deeply grateful to Reverend Coctor Willy Gaspar for his hard work on behalf of us Haitians and our Lutheran church.” Thanks be to God for even these small acts of mercy that our Lord permits us to do on behalf of our neighbor.


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