Seminary Studies to Resume

By Pastor Walter Ries, Jr.

This March, our 5 seminarians are slated to take up their second year of studies in a four-year program. Together with the academic part of their online studies with the Lutheran Seminary in Argentina, they have begun to read Scripture lessons in the divine service, co-teach catechism classes with the pastors, and make visits. We are excited to have five new emerging teachers, and that our work will begin to expand as these seminarians begin to learn the practice of that which they are studying.

John (pictured left with Vicar Adrian Solis on the right), is one of our seminarians. He teaches French, music, and physical education at Concordia Lutheran School in Palmar Arriba, and also takes evening classes at night school, preparing for university studies. It is wonderful to hear our school children sing the hymns and songs John has taught them! John gives devotions at the local ball field every Saturday to some 50 young men, and also helps to lead the Sunday School at the mission in Palmar Arriba. We are excited with John’s commitment to prepare for the Holy Ministry and would ask for your prayers for him and all of his fellow seminarians.


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