The Story of Kissayris Gebhard

By Pastor Ted Krey

One of our very dear leaders is our school principal at Concordia Lutheran School – Miss Kissayris Gebhard (pictured here with the teachers at Concordia Lutheran School). Kissayris was confirmed in the Lutheran faith three years ago this coming July. She was introduced to Pastor Ries, Jr. through a friend who was studying Romans with him while she was concluding her university studies. While the friend is no longer in church, Kissayris studied the catechism, and later Basic Christian Doctrine, and became the first Lutheran confirmed in our Santiago mission. Today, Kissayris is the principal of 120 children at our Lutheran school in the village of Palmar Arriba. This is our second year of operations, and her second year as principal. Every morning, she leads the teachers in devotions, using Portals of Prayer, and prays for the teachers, their families, and for their vocation as teachers. Pastor Ries, Jr. leads a catechism class in her mother’s home every Tuesday night with her mother, sister, one of our teachers and neighbors in attendance, and now they are also attending church as well. We give thanks to God for Kissayris and the love that the Lord has given to her in living out her life in Christ for the well-being of others! Please pray for Kissayris, her family, and the school!

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