Estefani’s Big Step

In January, it was a cold winter night. Winter in the Dominican means that it can get as cold as 60 degrees at night! Brrrr! Many of our church members chose to stay at home rather than brave the blustery, chilly evening. I went the two blocks from the church in my van to pick up the 6 children from our orphanage for divine service in Palmar Arriba. Out of the house came Moises, Randy, Ramona, Francis, and Junior. It was dark and I didn’t see Estefani. So, I left the children in the van and went to the house asking about Estefani. Ariel said, “Pastor, I think she is in the van.” I said, “No, I didn’t see her go past me in the wheelchair.” Ariel responded, “Pastor, she didn’t use the wheelchair, she walked out.” That is exactly what had happened. I had seen Estefani, but I had not seen her because she had no wheelchair! Estefani is learning through therapy and Christian love that it is ok to live without her disability and be simply whom God the Father has called her to be, His beloved daughter, through baptism and the faith that He has given her!

Would that we all could see each other in faith without the sin and parameters we place on each other and simply love and forgive as Christ has done for us! Give thanks together with us for Estefani’s continued growth as the Father’s precious child, and for each child that has been commended into our care in the orphanage.


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