Volunteer groups Transform School

By Pastor Ted Krey

At the beginning of March, a volunteer group of 14 people from 5 congregations in the South Wisconsin District joined us to aid in the building of the playground of our Concordia School. On Sunday, they treated us to some good old-fashioned fun as they invited the whole community of Palmar Arriba to join them for an afternoon of square dancing. Yep, square dancing in Spanish!! Then, Monday to Wednesday saw the group build and install four teeter totters and a huge concrete slab for volleyball and basketball. How they worked and how delighted our school children are words cannot tell, but sore bodies did and yet and the delighted smiles of the children made up for it all! On Thursday, Pastor Walter Ries, Jr. led the school and group in a dedication of the new play area.

Already plans are underway to use the playground for opportunities to have joint catechism classes and volleyball leagues for youth and men.

At the end of March, a volunteer group from Spokane, WA, came. Their work focused on painting the entire school and repairing the roof. Needless to say, the school looks absolutely amazing! We were very pleased to have several members of this team back as they were here last year as well. We give thanks to our Lord for the love of the volunteers, the Kellers, and many back home who have made this possible.

If you or your church would like to find a way to support this mission, please contact drlutheranmission@gmail.com

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