Introducing Junior!

Junior is a very appealing, pleasant, well-behaved teenage boy. One of the things Junior loves the most is going to church. He always requests his favorite song at Sunday school and devotions, which is “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel”, a popular song with kids and youth. Junior has always been obedient and respectful. In church, if someone is being loud or a child is talking, he will put his index finger to his lips, and “Sssshhhh” at the person! He sure helps keep order!

Junior has learned to pray, cupping his crippled right hand in his left and then bows, putting his hands against his forehead. Junior also delights in bringing his offering to the altar, pausing to solemnly bow and then turn around with a big grin on his face. He has been a wonderful witness to us of how the Lord worked faith in Junior in his baptism last year, and continues to grow that faith through His Word.

Junior has cerebral palsy which has primarily affected his speech. His receptive language skills are good; one of the goals for him is to teach him to pronounce words. Junior receives speech and physical therapies in the group home which are given to him by the “aunts and uncles” (caregivers).

We are excited to see how Junior will continue to grow and develop. Right now he has a long set of legs on him and a big set of feet. We cannot seem to get enough food into him, so we imagine he will be tall! Most importantly, we can see how the Lord has bestowed His love on him and Junior is very good at showing his love in return!

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