Piano Lessons in Palmar Arriba

By Pastor Ted Krey
One of our struggles in a new mission is not having many musicians. Pastor Walter Ries Jr. often plays the guitar for services, and seminarian John Fritz plays guitar as well. Over the past four months, we have been blessed to have piano classes given by Ruth Pollex (Rebecca Krey’s sister) to members of the mission in Palmar Arriba. Every Wednesday afternoon, 5-6 students come to study with private, 30 minute lessons. Having piano accompaniment will be a real blessing, aiding with the singing of the liturgy, and introducing of new songs and hymns.
One piano student, Johanni Cruz, a 16 year old highschooler, has been working extra hard, and coming in to town (Santiago) for extra lessons each week. Finally, on Easter Sunday, she made her debut, playing ‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today’! Interestingly, Johanni was part of the first confirmation class in Palmar Arriba, and confirmed on the same day three years ago – Easter Sunday 2009. We all sang and rejoiced along with Johanni! Both her mother and father were in church this past week to hear her play and are soon entering catechism classes as well!

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