Therapy Plans

In April, physical therapist, Kristin Dye, and clinical social worker, Barb Below, visited us from Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Chesterfield, MO. Kristin evaluated Estefani, Junior, and Moises and worked up physical therapy plans for the children. She also trained the “aunts and uncles” (caregivers) on how to do the exercises prescribed. Barb wrote up the plans and helped make forms to document exercises and progress. They also helped consult us on the formation of goals for the children – gals to learn a new skill or to improve certain behaviors.

Kristen and Barb also visited children with developmental disabilities that are involved in our “Amigos de Jesus” monthly outreach. they helped to identify for the families simple changes they can make to better care for their children. We also found ways to make their homes more accessible.

Over 30 church members and teachers of Concordia Lutheran School participated in a workshop given by Kristen and Barb to learn how to serve people with developmental disabilities in their community. They taught how to conduct a simple evaluation of needs of a person with developmental disabilities and their family. Since there are no public services for people with disability in the Dominican Republic, family members are often at a loss as to how to care for their child, or lack financial recourses to help provide basic needs like medication or a wheelchair. In this, we can share Christ’s mercy by helping them with their physical needs and sharing with them the Good News of God’s love for them.

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