Volunteer Servant Teams

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Click on the above link to an article that ran in Passionate Believers, a quarterly publication of the LCMS congregations wthin the South Wisconsin District. The article describes the work and experiences of volunteer construction teams that have visited the Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission in the recent past. Over the last year, Brian and Jeanette Keller, Construction and Volunteer Coordinators, have hosted 100 people in 9 groups from 17 congregations in 4 different states. Volunteer servant teams are asked to pay for the transportation to the DR and to bring an offering to help with the cost of construction. Next year’s groups will stay in the newly finished seminary/guest house which sits on top of a hill over Palmar Arriba. Outstanding views of Santiago from the balcony! The volunteer servant team calendar will come out in November 2012 and will be opened up to congregations and groups to select dates for teams to come to the DR. Teams will most likely focus on construction of a new group home for disabled orphans. Please post a comment to this blog or email me so you can be on the list to receive the calendar of dates. Dates fill up fast so you should be thinking now about which week you would prefer. A typical team schedule is:

Friday -Travel Day. Arrive in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Thursday – Orientation and half work day.

Sunday – Worship. Community outreach activity.

Mon – Work Day. Evening cook-out with missionaries.

Tues – Work Day.

Wed – Work Day

Thurs – Work Day

Fri – Possible beach day.

Sat – Depart to return home.

Thank you to all of the 2012 teams that served to build and expand the Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission. Would love to talk to anyone considering the mission as a future place for your group to volunteer!

-Barb Below


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