Focus of the Mission

The mission is focused on three areas of ministry:

  1. Theological education –    Sunday school, bible study, confirmation class for both youth and adults, bible teachings in the school classrooms, theological education of pastoral students. Currently, there are two men who will soon be completing their coursework towards ordination, are now serving their vicarage assignments and getting practical experience as a pastor. Once they have completed their coursework and vicrage assignments, God willing they will have built up a congregation with baptized and confirmed members, the church will be able to call them as a pastor.
  2. Church Planting – Through evangelistic efforts and teaching many people have been baptized and are now being taught the Lutheran doctrine through confirmation classes. Many have already been confirmed.  A location is considered a “mission” until there is a group of baptized, confirmed people worshipping together. The first church to emerge is in Palmar Arriba where on August 30, 2009 12 people were confirmed together.
  3. Developmental Disability Ministry – The goals of this area of the mission is to equip congregations for ministry to people with disabilities, support community and government institutions that serve people with disabilities and to establish group homes alongside the emerging worshipping communities. Dr. Marisol Martinez has been recently added to the mission and will be leading the establishment of the group homes and services to people with disabilities.

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