Locations of work


Santiago – The Lutheran Center in Santiago has confirmation class once a week and monthly talk led by a young woman who desires to study for deaconess ministry. Work needs to continue her as well as making follow-up visits to students. At a school in Santiago, two confirmation classes are being taught. One class to 30 plus high schoolers and the other class to the teachers. School leaders and staff are also in classes. Worship services are being held here bi/monthly. Regular visits to a government run institution for children with disabilities by church members occur.

Palmar Arriba – currently has confirmation classes twice a week, youth group and twice a month visits to local institution for children with disabilities. Developing catechism opportunity for 60 young men in baseball league.

Cutupu – Cutupu is the newest mission. The first monthly service was held here in August. Weekly theological classes are taking place. Planned for the future is bi/monthly Sunday school and weekly confirmation class.

Santo Domingo

Las Americas – A weekly Sunday school is held in Las Americas. Evangelistic visits are done weekly. Planned for the future are confirmation classes, regular monthly worship services. Looking forward to possible baptisms in the future.

Los Mina – Jospeh de la Cruz, Vicar, does outreach and Sunday school for children in his neighborhood. More evangelism, home visits and Sunday school are desired in the future.

In addition, regular visits to a government run institution for children with disabilities takes place 2 times/month where visitors sing, pray and share a simple Bible lesson with the children. In July 2009 a short term mission group from Florida held a week long VBS for the children.

   In the future courses will be developed for pastors, deaconesses and laity regarding reaching out to people with disabilities and including them in the life of the church.

   Amigos de Jesus is a monthly Bible club held in Licey (outside of Santiago) for children with disabilities. Plans are to extend the Bible club to other parts of the city and eventually to Santo Domingo.


3 responses to “Locations of work

  1. Rev. Steven Massey

    Short term mission inquiry

    I am the pastor at St. Paul Lutheran in Phoenix, AZ. This coming year we are hoping to participate with a small group in a short term mission opportunity. I was wondering if there are any such opportunities in D.R. and if so, if you could give me more information.
    In Christ,

    p.s. A few years back, I crossed paths with Danelle while taking classes in the MACO program.

  2. Arlene Velazquez

    I am a member of the Advent Lutheran Church here in Melbourne, Florida 32940…..I am marrying in the Dominican Respublic in Santo Domingo on July 16, 2011. My fiance, Miguel Gonzalez Moya is from Los Mina and we would love to have a Lutheran pastor to marry us. Please tell me what we can do. I am traveling to Santo Domingo the last week of March and then will be there in early June until the wedding. We have organized a judge to marry us in a civil ceremony at the club but I would like to have religious representation of my faith. I plan on speaking to my pastor, David Jahn today but I don’t know if he would be able to fly out to Santo DOmingo…I am also interested in the mission you have started in Santo DOmingo and perhaps our church here in Florida can help out in some way. Please contact me at the email address above. I hope to hear from you soon. HUGS! God Bless!

    • lcmswrhcsmo

      First of all, congratulations on your blessed event. May God grant you many wonderful and happy years together! I have passed your information along to Pastor Ted Krey. He is usually very good about replying quickly. I hope this helps.

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